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Radio Shuttle Racking consists of supporting racking, shuttle rails and Radio shuttle. The radio shuttle runs on the rails and is propelled by an electric motor. It also has a platform on the top that can lift up and down. The lifting action is required to lift a pallet that is placed on the rail and then the electric motor moves the radio shuttle with the pallet on top into the racking in order to deposit the pallet on its right position.

When the pallet is required, the radio shuttle moves under the pallet, lifts it and brings it to the front of the racking where it can be retrieved by a forklift.

All the movements of the radio shuttle are controlled with a handle remote control. The radio shuttle is placed in the desired lane with a forklift.

Radio shuttle racking is constructed similar as drive-in racking and push-back rack with compactor moving automatically on the guide rails picking or loading pallets. Compared with drive-in racking, Radio shuttle racking would be more stable and high efficient, and compared with push-back rack, this system would be much safe without leaning degree. So radio shuttle racking is named as safe, easy operation and high efficiency, and would be more suitable for cold storage warehouse.


Upright Frames: Though shuttle racking is a stable system for structure, China Racking also use killed steel for upright to meet with requests of low temperature.

Radio shuttle: Controlled by radio devices, radio shuttle could automatically pick or load pallets according to the pre-arranged order, so that the driver could have enough time to pick or load more stored pallets to improve the work efficiency. The radio shuttle could load 1500kg, work in warehouse of -25~50℃, speed to 0.8m/s with four 24V 60Ah batteries. The radio shuttle is made with high tensile steel for durable usage. The cover could be easily disassembled for maintenance or exchanging batteries.

Connect Beams: Made with steel rolls by molds, beams are welded with connectors for easy assembly to uprights and installed to improve the strength and stability of shuttle racking. Support rails would be fixed to the beams by special brackets.

Support rails: Made with zinc-coated steel by rolling machines, rails are designed to support radio shuttle and pallets, also provides flow routes for radio shuttle. More important, zinc-coated rails would never pollute the radio shuttle’s wheels with smooth flow and low noise.


1. Cargo stored by pallet;

2. Every tunnel stores the same kind of cargo and same batch of cargo;

3. Height of radio shuttle pallet racking is subject to forklift operation height;

4. Both sides or one side for cargo access (FIFO or FILO);

5. Be advantageous competitor of gravity racking, push back rack, and drive-in racking;

6. Suitable for cold storage.


1. To realize ultra-high density storage and to reduce the construction cost of warehouse;

2. Optional FIFO or FILO:

FIFO (first in first out)

Both sides of racking left channel, use radio shuttle operates stock or pick up cargo respectively;

FILO (first in last out)

One side of racking left channel, use radio shuttle operates stock first and then picks up cargo;

3. Automatic storage, remote control operating with high throughput efficiency;

4. Labor and time save;

5. Much better earthquake-resistant safety than drive-in racking;

6. Better operating safety performance than drive-in racking without enter of forklift.


Powerful Function:

1. Access way with first-in first-out and first-in last-out;

2. Remote control device can read various status of the radio shuttle such as voltage of the battery, temperature of the motor, quantity of electric of the battery, mistaking status, warning and so on;

3. With the function of counting the quantity of pallets, managing the goods storing and extracting of the whole tunnel through one button on the remote control, picking and sorting specified quantity of goods (on both sides), entering the rail on high layer easily, changing the working place from one side to the other, commanding several radio shuttles through one single remote control and so on;

4. High speed: Max running speed 60m/min and Max loading speed 35m/min;

5. Several radio shuttles can be commanded independently by a single remote control, the load capacity of each radio shuttle is more than 1000kg.

Battery Pack:

1. Maintenance-free lead-acid battery or lithium battery;

2. Long usage period: more than 1000 times cycle life; fully charged can working for 6 to 8 hours;

3. Fast charge: taking 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged; usually one shift needs only one set of battery;

4. Replace battery conveniently.


1. Anti-collision design;

2. Special design for prevention of collision when operating several radio shuttles at the same time;

3. Equip laser positioning protection system;

4. Special design for reducing failure operating;

5. Low battery alarm: when there is no enough power to afford a running, the radio shuttle will stay at the entrance and wait for the handling;

6. The battery cannot charge in the environment with improper temperature.


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China Pallet|Steel Pallets|Wholesale China

China Pallet|Steel Pallets|Wholesale China.

Steel PalletsChina Pallet

Pallet makes it easier to move heavy stacks. Loads with pallets under them can be hauled by forklift trucks of different sizes, or even by hand-pumped and hand-drawn pallet jacks. Organizations using standard pallets for loading and unloading can have much lower costs for handling and storage, with faster material movement than businesses that do not.

Steel pallets have been widely used throughout the world. Compared with wooden or plastic pallet is more sturdy and time-lasting, keep the steady structure. After been loaded, and also can avoid fumigation. The surface of this pallet is also handled with environmentally-friendly material.

Steel pallets are strong and are used for heavy loads, high-stacking loads, long term dry storage, and loads moved by abusive logistic systems. They are often used for military ammunition. Of these, carbon steel offers excellent durability at the lowest cost. Stainless steel doesn’t require a paint coating, and is preferred for such applications as clean room environments. Carbon steel units are expensive compared to wood cost about 2-3 times that of carbon steel, long term costs, however, can be lower than wood.

Quick Details of Steel Pallets

Model Number: Steel pallets Entry Type: 4-Way  or 2-Way Place of Origin: Nanjing, China (Mainland)
Type: European  Pallets Style: Single Faced or Double Faced Brand Name: Djrack-China Pallet
Scale: Medium Duty or Heavy Duty Material: Steel Q235 Product Warranty: One  year
Dynamic Load: 1.5 MT-2 MT Surface Treatment: Hot dip galvanized or powder coating OEM & ODM: Acceptable
Static Load: 4 MT-5 MT Color: As your request SGS/ ISO: Offered
Feature: Corrosion Protection Delivery Time: 10-15days (20ft container) Free Samples: Offered

China Pallet|Steel Pallets|Wholesale China


1. Steel pallets cater many different dimensions to meet client’s specific needs. Steel pallets are light in weight, high in intensity with greatest loading capacity by their unique structure design. Steel pallets have a multifunctional usage. It can both be used in warehouse stacking and transportation.

2. 100% environmentally friendly, can be recycled, resources are not wasted. Especially for export, it is not required fumigation, pasteurized or treated with preservatives. Steel pallets are compliance with international environmental regulations.

3. The surface deals with non-slip handle. Steel Pallet has a stable packaging performance. Its rugged design about bottom plate is also in line with the conveyor roller transport and automatic packaging systems. Reliability test: this type of pallet has been strictly through all kinds of functional tests of tilting, vibration, anti- skidding.

4. Its waterproof, moisture and rust. Compared to wooden ones, steel pallets have environmental advantages (such as wooden pallets capacity to breed pests). Compared with the plastic pallets more strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and price advantage are they.

European pallets

EURO pallet type

Dimensions (W × L)

ISO pallet alternative


800 mm × 1,200 mm

31.50 in × 47.24 in

ISO1, same size as EUR


1,200 mm× 1,000 mm

47.24 in × 39.37 in



1,000 mm× 1,200 mm

39.37 in × 47.24 in


800 mm × 600 mm

31.50 in × 23.62 in

ISO0, half the size of EUR

600 mm × 400 mm

23.62 in × 15.75 in

quarter the size of EUR

400 mm × 300 mm

15.75 in × 11.81 in

one-eighth the size of EUR

Please note: Above listed data are for reference, We also can design and produce according to the customer’s requirement.

China Pallet|Steel Pallets|Wholesale China

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Stack Rack|China Rack|Wholesale China

Stack Rack|China Rack|Wholesale China.


Stack rack is one kind of the most flexible storage racks in the industry. Rather than dedicate floor space to permanent rack systems and the aisle space necessary to serve. The customizable stack rack combines industrial design and strength for added capacity and maximum density. Flexibility in spacing, rack configuration and the modular design make this rack unique to each installation.

Stack rack consists of a base and removable posts or end frames. Portable Stack Racks are stackable 2 to 5 high and can be stacked when not in use. Stack rack saves floor space by utilizing the space and the stack racks also make excellent shipping racks & tire racks.


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China Racking

Storage Racks

Shuttle Pallet Racking

China Racking.


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Nanjing Dongjian Racking Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Nanjing Dongjian Racking Manufacture Co., Ltd using independent innovation technology, advanced production equipment, professional skills, talents and improved production installation after-sales service team, provides you with good quality products and the best design program, allowing you to use the equipment in the process with the minimum of input, get the best results.
Nowadays, the waste of space is a king of great luxury with the increase of the storage cost. Dongjian Racking can help you solve the problem with specially designed industrial pallet system. We can specially design the storage system according to your practical requirements and field situation with the perfect combination of material convey and pallet construction. Your total storage cost can be reduced to be minimal with the improvement of warehouse space availability and high operation speed.

Steel Pallet  (Interval Paved Single Surface 2-Way) 单面漏铺双向进叉钢托盘


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